About Me

Hi there, thanks for dropping by ....
my name is Aoife. Funny little word, I know. It's pronounced E-F-A and it's Irish for Eve. Go here if you'd like to hear it.

I'm an adventurous 20 something gymnast, acrobat, hammock enthusiast  vintage lover, thrift shopper and photographer from Ireland currently residing in Leicester, UK.

Before I lived in the UK I moved from Ireland to Vancouver and it was the best decision of my life, I absolutely loved that city. Also, did it by myself so extra adventure points for me. While there I worked in a Hammock store on Granville Island. It was amazing!

During my adventures I met Jim, the man I'm head over heels in love with. I moved with him to England and we live in our amazing apartment. Everyday I'm thankful I made the decision to come to the UK. I adore it here and my life is more complete than it's ever been. 

I love doing handstands on everything, everywhere and I have a compulsion to climb anything that's taller than me. Seriously, I believe I'm Lara Croft when I climb anything over 7ft and I'm always upside down on my hands or elbows.

Photo of me by Liz Broderick

I run a little shop on etsy called 
which was named after my beloved departed Dalmatian called Kim.
I'm also an avid gamer and a complete geek with a weird obsession with zombies.

Welcome to my little space on the internet. I hope you like it here.

Aoife x


  1. I love your name - it's so pretty! :)

  2. Aoife! whoop lovely name , its my god-daughters name!

  3. your name is beautiful! and those photos were you make those different gymnastics are just amazing!!! (=

  4. okay, so you need to put some Lululemons on and submit something like this to them, supreme body contortions in some majorly rad locations is what! i die, it's 100% adored as is your beautiful name. ♥