12 June 2012

How To Tuesday // Paint your bike!

I bought this bike from a girl I work with for very cheap before she left for South America. It's a great little machine, but I've always wanted a pastel bike. I figured since I bought it for so cheap I'd try painting it a new colour.

It's ridiculously simple!

Here's what you'll need:

Spray paint.
Spray Varnish.

And that's it!

(Optional: Sanding your bike... you can sand the metal parts of your bike before covering it in spray paint. It stops drips and helps the paint adhere to the metal better. But you need to be very, very careful and use a mask when doing this. If you do decide to do this step I'd advise that you look for a decent, safe post. I wanted to try it while skipping this part and it worked fine without it, even with stickers on the bike!)

One can of paint is more than enough.
Please remember to use a ventilated area or go outside. I used the painting area in the car park of my studio.
The paint I used was Montana Black E2E Green, and the varnish was  Montana Gold 400ml Varnish Matte (also comes in gloss).

And here's what you do:

Cover all the parts you don't want to paint with newspaper and tape. Things like the wheels, pedals, saddle, handlebars and especially the chain... you really don't want to get spray paint on the chain because it will mess up the oil on it. Also cover the floor or any near by objects.

Start spraying in quick, short bursts. Don't hold down the cap and spray for lengthy periods, this will cause drips and make your aim less accurate.

Cover your entire bike.

Allow the paint to dry fully before you remove the paper or else face smudges! It shouldn't take more than an hour for it to dry, depending on how ventilated the area is. I was relatively outside so it only took 20 minutes for the bike to be touch dry. Once the paper is removed fill in all the little spots that the paper prevented you from reaching.

Ta da! 
Once it's dry start with a coat of varnish to seal it. This stops things like rain from stripping off the paint.

Repeat the same process with the colour as with the varnish. Because this is clear you don't need paper to protect the parts you don't want painted, except for the chain - always cover that.

Wait for it to be touch dry and then bring it for a cycle, this will help the varnish set faster and you'll get to show off your pretty bike.

Isn't it so much prettier and brighter?

I absolutely love this colour! 
As you may have noticed I also painted the helmet. I'm still planning a design for it so I'll be back with a tutorial on that later.

If you're planing on painting your bike please send me a link! I'd love to see it, especially the colour :D

Aoife x

09 June 2012

Personal Photography Project // Time Lapse

The next little project I gave myself to complete was a time lapse. I adore these! I attempted one from my living room window with my new toy, a GoPro camera.

It was really fun to see that changes in the buildings, shadows and clouds. I look out this window everyday but I've never seen it in the way the time lapse captured it.

This is my first attempt. Yes, there are many mistakes in there (the biggest one being the battery running out half way through and having to change the position of the camera... I left the pictures with my hands reaching in because it made me laugh :p) and it's only 55 seconds long but it's a start, and this project is all about teaching myself new tricks with a camera.

So enjoy! I'm excited to share my view with you :) I've been playing around with others at the airport and a sunrise from my hotel room in Las Vegas so I'm constantly experimenting and determined to get the technique down. But for now, this is my very first one....

Aoife x

07 June 2012

Broom Levitation!

Have I mentioned that I love levitating? No? Well, I do. As you can tell from this post and this post
And the floating continues!

This time I bought the most beautiful hand crafted broom from a shop near my work called The Granville Island Broom Company to float with. Yes, most of it was to do with my obsession with Harry Potter.

Here is the resulting photo, taken in my studio :)

Now if you'll excuse me, I hear Madam Hooch calling me.

Aoife x