30 March 2012

Personal Photography Project // Levitation Photos

I absolutely adore levitation photos, but have never tried them before. One sunny day while myself and a few friends were chilling out at Second Beach with hammocks we decided to give them a go.

Here's what we came up with...

Above is my friend, Bruce. The poor thing spent so long jumping and leaping to my commands and directions. He got some very strange glances from onlookers. But not once did he complain and we got some fantastic results from all his efforts. The one above is my favourite.

Below is a photo Bruce snapped of me trying a horizontal levitating pose.

Levitation shots are really fun and easy. Here's what you do..

* Set your camera to a high shutter speed and continual burst (if it has it).
* Get your subject to jump and keep their faces calm (not strained from the jump) and their hands/arms/feet in a certain position (i.e. in the first photo of Bruce I got him to keep his feet flat to make him look like he's standing on nothing... but it all depends on the position).
* It's really important to catch the photo while they are on the up of the jump. If you catch them on the way down their hair and clothing fly upwards, ruining the illusion.
* Try out lots of different poses. We tried running in the air, jumps into handstands, horizontal leans and more. Some people even get amazing results when they jump into lotus position.
* Make sure your model is agile. The neater they can keep their body with straight legs, high jumps and good muscular control, the better. The more all over the place they look in the photo, the more it looks like a jump rather than a levitation. And they shouldn't be the type who are scared to fall. In a lot of these poses we ended up face first into the sand, but it was really fun :D

Below is a series of one of my leaps. You can see the middle left photo is the best for levitation as it looks like I'm levitating forward, rather than the photo in the middle right where I'm obviously jumping because I'm on the downward part of the leap.

You should definitely give them a try. You will get weird looks and will probably be breathless by the end, but it's definitely worth it :)

Aoife x

Giveaway at Cherry Blossom Tattoo Photography!

Hello all! 
I did an interview for the wonderful Carrie of Cherry Blossom Tattoo Photography. She is also hosting a giveaway and you can win anything you would like from my store. All you have to do is leave a comment on the blog post. More details are there too for extra entries.

Check it out!

Enjoy! :)

Aoife x

24 March 2012

New Carnival Photos for KimDot!

Hello there! 
Here are some new carnival themed photos. After St. Paddy's day myself and a friend headed to a beautiful indoor carnival here in Vancouver. In hindsight, the day after a very drunken holiday is probably not the best time to go on roller-coaster rides. But I did manage to snap some photos I'm very excited about.

I squealed like little girls when I saw the carousel. I've adored horses ever since I was a kid and loved going horse riding. Jumping and trekking were my favourite. I also had a toy in the 90's that were full of carousel horses exactly like these that you would collect from The Carousel Collection. Does anyone else remember them?

Photo from Ebay - source unknown

I'm not sure why but this photo made me excited for some reason. I caught the bulb just as it was dimming from it's flash and I managed to capture the details of the flare inside the glass. It's inspired me to try some experiments with photographing bulbs sometime in the future.

Aw, carnival lights. Who can resist them? 

Rubber duckies!!!! They just make you smile :D
 I loved how this little guy in the centre is swimming away from me with his tail feather up. I also adore the way the water turned out on the left hand side, and the completely out of focus guy in the very front looks almost surprised :p

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Aoife x

23 March 2012

Instagram Catch Up // Outfits

One of my guilty pleasures with Instagram is looking at peoples outfit photos. I love them. Here's a few of mine since my Instagram addiction started....

Heading out for a black and gold themed Christmas Eve party :)

Trying on pretty dresses :)

Don't care if I unwillingly flash people in hammocks today I'm wearing my new dress to work *in love*

I know I've been obsessing over dresses lately but this one broke my heart today. The only one they had in my size had a busted zip :(

It's such a gorgeous sunny day I decided to wear a dress I bought at wreck beach during the summer. Think it cost me $3 :)

Huzzah! Finally managed to snap up a dress from urban outfitters (the last one had a broken zip). Is it bad that it's first outing is to a flea market? :p
Eeeep! Look what I found!! When I was paying for it the girl told me it was handmade. Would love to find that talented person and get them to make all my dresses :)

In a very stripy mood today :)

Chevron dress, cherry blossoms and a messy bun :)

Thought I'd rock the super duper shiny leggings in work today. Sure, why not? :D

Loving my pretty new top that I first saw on @skunkboycreatures:)

Feeling a bit classy today.

 Totally feeling my new chevron shirt from Billabong :)

Finally got the weather to wear my vintage pink candy stripe dress :) can't wait to wear it all the time when summer hits.

Vintage gingham today :)

Wearing a backless top out to dinner in December? I'm definitely becoming climatized :p 

Absolutely loving my new tights! And they're so warm and comfy in work :)

20 March 2012

How to Tuesdays // No sewing Machine? No Problem!

I'm an avid vintage shopper, but sometimes the garments have to be altered. Unfortunately, I'm not in the position right now to own a big heavy sewing machine, so I have to be a little more creative with my alterations.
I did a guest post for the lovely LolaDee (who is unfortunately experiencing some technical difficulties with her blog right now) before where I altered a vintage dress with the uses of scraps of fabric and buttons. The results are shown below.
(Yes, this was also back when I had coral coloured hair :D)

This time I needed to alter a vintage romper I purchased for $15 which I loved,  but I felt the length was unflattering for me. The legs were too long and square for my liking. I decided to raise them up and angle them slightly. 

This time I'm going to be using a fabric bonding web. It's not as adjustable as using buttons and loops, but it's still easy to undo if you want the garment back to it's original shape.

All you need for this is:

  • Stitch Witchery (or other brand of fabric bonding web)
  • Iron
  • A damp cloth
  • Scissors
The process is really quick and simple....

1. Turn your garment inside out and fold up the hem to where you would like it.
2. Cut a piece of Stitch Witchery and insert it in between the fold.
3. Place a damp cloth over the fold.
4. Set the iron down over the Stitch Witchery and damp cloth. Keep in place for 10 seconds, then lift and repeat on a new section. Don't slide the iron, just hold in place and lift when necessary.

And that's it! Once it's cool double check gently if the entire hem has bonded, if not just touch up a few spots.

Make sure to check that the material of the garment is suitable to use with the bonding web. Most things are. You can even use this to turn up the ends of jeans! And it's usable with machine and dry cleaning. Brilliant!

Aoife x

18 March 2012

Personal Photography Project // Boudoir

Shooting a boudoir session has been part of my silly little photography goals for a while now. I was ecstatic to get the opportunity to give it a go. It was so much fun!
I brought fairy lights, white chiffon, lace and pearls for props.

I was very happy with the end result of the photos, but because they are keepsakes for Nicole and her boyfriend I will not be posting them up on any social networks. She was very good, however, to allow me to use some purposely out of focus images for promotional use on the internet, and the final full images in my portfolio book to show other potential customers :)

My first ever boudoir session was a complete success. Also helped that my subject was beautiful and so much fun to shoot :)

This was the first time I tried lighting outside of a studio, which meant I had to create my own lighting accessories (more about this in a future post).

My utterly ghetto lighting system. Emergency blanket taped to the inside of an umbrella. Yep. Worked great!

I did learn that it's very, very easy to make some of the photos look like playboy or page 3 so if you try boudoir be careful with your posing. There were times when I would try something, raise my camera to my eye and say 'oh, no... way too playboy'. But of course, it's a personal preference for both you and the person you're shooting. For my self and Nicole we both wanted the photos to be light and subtle.

Boudoir is definitely something I want to shoot more of. It was fantastic working with someone and helping them relax, make them feel more and more comfortable infront of the camera and seeing their face when they saw how beautiful they looked in the shots.
A permanent studio space for boudoir session is something I really want now!

Aoife x

15 March 2012

Instagram Catch Up // Snow

You have no idea how happy I am that I spent this Christmas in the snow :)

A very snowy bus ride to work :D

Just hanging out with my new buddy here :) 

Merry Christmas from Canada!!! I'm chilling out in the snow :D

Snowboards! :D

'The Cut'... The first slope I snowboarded last year. As a beginner. Yep. Nobody told me there was a bunny slope behind this one!


Me and my skates... doing a bit of night time ice skating on Grouse Mountain. I LOVE CANADA!!!  

Yep, that's Vancouver twinkling down there beneath the snow :) 

I love this place :)

Aoife x

13 March 2012

How to Tuesdays // The Im late for work Bun

We've all had those mornings where you only have 5 minutes to get to work/that interview/that portfolio presentation and you don't even have enough time to brush and style your hair. Well, here is my trick for a fast, presentable bun that takes less than 30 seconds to do.

Step 1: Take your messy locks and tie them into a quick ponytail. How neat you would like it is up to you.

Step 2: Take a bun donut and loop your ponytail through the centre. If you don't have one of these I strongly suggest you invest in one, they make buns look thick and full and save so much time on styling. You can get them at any drug or grocery store.

Step 3: Loop your hair clockwise over the donut and cover it. Then take a hair tie the same colour as your hair and loop it over the bun (you can use pins to secure your hair too, but I find the tie works faster). Tuck in any stray hairs to be neat, or pull a few out if you want a messy look.

There you go! Quick and easy.

Aoife x