09 June 2012

Personal Photography Project // Time Lapse

The next little project I gave myself to complete was a time lapse. I adore these! I attempted one from my living room window with my new toy, a GoPro camera.

It was really fun to see that changes in the buildings, shadows and clouds. I look out this window everyday but I've never seen it in the way the time lapse captured it.

This is my first attempt. Yes, there are many mistakes in there (the biggest one being the battery running out half way through and having to change the position of the camera... I left the pictures with my hands reaching in because it made me laugh :p) and it's only 55 seconds long but it's a start, and this project is all about teaching myself new tricks with a camera.

So enjoy! I'm excited to share my view with you :) I've been playing around with others at the airport and a sunrise from my hotel room in Las Vegas so I'm constantly experimenting and determined to get the technique down. But for now, this is my very first one....

Aoife x

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