08 May 2012

How To Tuesday // Make a Chalkboard Table

I've been drooling over anything with chalkboard paint on it pretty much since that scene in 500 Days of Summer. Needing a table in my studio finally gave me the opportunity to try it (someday I will have my chalkboard wall). I converted a camping table and old brown chair that my boss kindly gave to me into a pretty tiffany blue work space with a chalkboard table top.

Here's what you'll need.

*Newspapers (to line the floor).
*Some small sections of lace for the chair (I got mine in a dollar store, they're net kitchen curtains)
*Spray paint (mine is Montana Black in Tiffany Blue)
*Chalkboard paint (from Opus, an art supply store)
*A paint brush you don't need to use again.

For the table:

1. Wash down your table and chair. Let dry.
2. After lining the floor and walls, spray paint you table.
3. I didn't bother painting the whole table top as I was covering it in chalkboard paint afterwards. This saves on spray paint.
4. I lined the entire rim of the table in masking tape that I deliberately ripped on one side and stickers to create effects on the paint line. This is optional and up to you if you would like a design like this. Use unripped masking tape for a clean look or none for a 'brush stroke' look. Apply chalkboard paint.
5. Before it dries, peel off whatever you have used to decorate your paint line.
6. Allow to dry. It takes 1 hour for it to be touch dry and 24 hours for it to be completely dry and ready to use.

And now for the chair:

1. Spray paint the entire chair.
2. Cover the back and even the seating with paint.
3. Fold over lace netting and place over the seat. Twist the ends and sew underneath the seating, out of sight (you will need to use some sort of fabric over the spray paint. Trust me from years of graffiti I know skin on spraypaint over vinyl is not comfortable).
4. Repeat on back of chair. I twisted the remaining fabric in a knot and sewed into a pretty ball.

There you go! My pretty productive work space. I love the chalkboard paint, I have my to do lists on it and when I get an idea it goes straight onto the table.

Plus, who doesn't love writing with chalk on a chalkboard? :D

Aoife x


  1. great tutorial, clever design idea for your desk :D

  2. Jackie here! I have a question for you regarding your blog. Please contact me when you get a chance. jclarkmca[at]gmail[dot]com

  3. This is really awesome. :D I'm thinking of going and doing this too. Following you now. :)


  4. Loving browsing through your How-tos today, perfect Sunday reading to motivate me to "fix" things during the week :)