21 April 2012

My Studio Tour

Anybody who follows me on twitter or Instagram (Aoife_Blake) will know that I have recently obtained a studio space. I came across it completely by accident and it really fits for me right now. I have already gotten far more work done in there in a mere week than a few months in my apartment.

It's located in Chinatown and is cheap, clean, very well kept, 24 hour access, wifi, 20 minutes walk from my apartment (5 mins by bus if I'm lazy), huge bright windows and it's shared with 4 other fantastically inspiring artists.

Here's a little snap shot tour for you...

Above is the photo I put on instagram when I was viewing the space. the windows are perfect for natural light projects.

This is my 'productive space', it's where I sit down and write out lists or do what needs to be done on the internet. Yes, that's a chalkboard table. I'll be putting a little 'how to tuesday' together for it soon.
My creative space in the studio changes daily. I tack it with lace, card, material, or sometimes (like right now) I just keep the plain white walls depending on what I'm photographing.

Some instant film projects I keep about to remind me to go back and try more.

The studio is located above Blim. It's a wonderfully quirky, whimsical store that sells items like knitted moustaches, patterned clothing, stitched sugar skulls and print screen kits. They also run a lot of workshops in the back.

This is an instagram I did of the inside of the store. It's taken from the gallery. The front is the merchandise side of the store and the back with the large table is the start of the workshop area. And yes, that is a giant E.T. in the top right corner.

Vancouver Is Awesome | Blim

Vancouver Is Awesome | Blim

The photos above are of the mezzanine gallery in the store. They allow artists from the studio to exhibit work here... ya never know ;)

The studio is located across from the Dr. Sun Yat Sen classical Chinese gardens. I eat lunch here when I'm spending my entire day in the studio. I go to the local Chinese market and sit beside the water pretending I'm Lara Croft exploring a monastery. Yep.

I'm also really close to the Millenium Gate in Chinatown. I walk under it every time I go back and forth. I love it!

It also has roof access. I didn't know about this until one of the other artists pointed it out to me. It's gorgeous up there, you can see the tall buildings of downtown just beyond the red Chinatown street furniture. You can see Science World as well. Unfortunately, you can also see into some of the alleyways and I must admit I have been a little fascinated with watching some of the drug deals that happen in the area, as nobody ever looks up. 

This is one of my levitation photos I took from the roof of my studio. I've been a litte obsessed with floating lately, I guess it's just how I feel right now. 

Well, that's my little tour. Hurray for productive/creative spaces! :D

Aoife x


  1. THis is amazing Aoife! Fair Play!:) Cant wait to see all your ideas that wil come out of the studio! Also that last photo is so cool!! And you look great!
    Congrats! :)

  2. ...and your levitation photos are grand!

  3. Thank you so much ladies! :D x

  4. I am so jealous and so extremely happy for you. You shall blossom here and the world ain't going to know what's hit them! :)