27 April 2012

Levitating Obsession

Some of you may have noticed my recent obsession with floating and levitating. Well, it continues... and I've a feeling it will continue some more.

Here's me floating about my living room one morning. As you do.

I had this image in a previous post but thought I would include it in here again. It's me floating on my studio roof.

And just because, a levitating pomegranate :)

Stay floating ;)

Aoife x


  1. I love these! So fun and creative. I've done a few shots like this in the past, but nothing as great as this!

    I used to be really into the jumping photography too :P

    Love your blog, lady!

  2. These are seriously really cool. So crazy to see things levitating. HOw the heck did you get those shots of yourself levitating?? Those are seriously awesome.

  3. Somewhat lost for words, even though I saw these on Facebook!

  4. I really hope you'll continue! These shots are awesome :D