24 April 2012

How to Tuesdays // Make your own Camera Bag

I've been lusting after some fantastic camera bags lately, however, the price tags on them have made me hesitate on clicking that purchase button. But I desperately need something to carry my equipment.
I recently bought myself a new Troop London satchel (I love these bags because they remind me of Lara Croft or Indiana Jones) to replace my old, worn out one. I was about to donate my old one to a thrift store when I decided to convert it into a simple camera bag that would suffice for the time being.

Here's what you'll need:

*An old bag to use.
*Needle and thread and/or strong glue.
*A soft fabric of your choice. The softer the better as it stops scratches and protects your gadgets well. I bought mine in the scrap bin for $2 and decided to go with a light brown colour so my equipment could be easily located inside.
*Velcro (sew on or sticky)

Purchasing all these items came to $15.

And here's what you do...

1. Because my bag had a closing flap I cut off the zip, this expands the opening of the bag allowing easier access to your equipment (only do this is you have another way of closing your bag to secure your equipment).
2. Remove the inner lining.
3. Measure your bag and cut foam lining for the bottom.
4. Once the foam sections are cut to measure, glue or sew the material around them.
5. Insert into bag and repeat these steps for the sides.
6. Glue velcro pieces to the tops of the foam sections where you feel they should go.
7. Insert the lining on the sides.
8. Repeat for the dividing sections. Measure, cover in material and place the opposite side of the velcro to where it lines up to the velcro on the side lining.

Below: Insert your dividers to where they should go depending on the size of the gadget you need to place in the section. Make as many dividers as you like in different sizes, even some spares are handy to have.
Place your equipment inside.

Ta da! There you go... a quick, simple and cheap way of keeping your equipment safe, padded and scratch proof while you're on the go.

(please excuse the 'ankle chop'... my tripod was in the studio)

I will eventually be buying a new camera bag soon, but in the meantime this bag that cost me only $15 to make will be more than enough to help me lug my stuff about.

Aoife x


  1. That post has all kinds of awesome painted all over it! I want / need a camera bag too and I agree, they're super expensive.....but hey, I may be just tempted to try this!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. This. is. brilliant! THANK YOU!

  3. ...it's so nice! Great idea :D