09 March 2012

Personal Photography Project // Photographing A Stranger

Photographing people I don't know is one thing in photography that makes me uncomfortable, even though I adore looking at candid photos and street photography. So, I thought this would be an important lesson for me to learn as a photographer. I took one evening to make myself go down to East Hastings, the 'bad' part of the city, where a lot of homeless and drug addicts occupy the streets.
I managed to snap this photo of an old man begging. He looked straight at me and despite my expectations, he didn't bite my head off. I had a conversation with him afterwards and he was a pretty cool guy.

I brought coins and cigarettes with me to give to the homeless that were going to be in my photographs and while they accepted them gladly I have to say I found that they were more interested in seeing the photos I took of them.

I love making myself do things that make me uncomfortable or scare me. It's the only way to get over it. I now have a little more experience in approaching people for a photo or know what to do if they catch me taking shots of them.

Aoife x


  1. so freakin' impressed - that is something i have always wanted to do. gorgeous photo too xx

  2. Wow, good for you! This is really inspiring to me, you have some serious skill my dear! :)


  3. Great shot!


  4. Wonderful post! Good for you.

  5. That's amazing! Go you! :)