18 March 2012

Personal Photography Project // Boudoir

Shooting a boudoir session has been part of my silly little photography goals for a while now. I was ecstatic to get the opportunity to give it a go. It was so much fun!
I brought fairy lights, white chiffon, lace and pearls for props.

I was very happy with the end result of the photos, but because they are keepsakes for Nicole and her boyfriend I will not be posting them up on any social networks. She was very good, however, to allow me to use some purposely out of focus images for promotional use on the internet, and the final full images in my portfolio book to show other potential customers :)

My first ever boudoir session was a complete success. Also helped that my subject was beautiful and so much fun to shoot :)

This was the first time I tried lighting outside of a studio, which meant I had to create my own lighting accessories (more about this in a future post).

My utterly ghetto lighting system. Emergency blanket taped to the inside of an umbrella. Yep. Worked great!

I did learn that it's very, very easy to make some of the photos look like playboy or page 3 so if you try boudoir be careful with your posing. There were times when I would try something, raise my camera to my eye and say 'oh, no... way too playboy'. But of course, it's a personal preference for both you and the person you're shooting. For my self and Nicole we both wanted the photos to be light and subtle.

Boudoir is definitely something I want to shoot more of. It was fantastic working with someone and helping them relax, make them feel more and more comfortable infront of the camera and seeing their face when they saw how beautiful they looked in the shots.
A permanent studio space for boudoir session is something I really want now!

Aoife x

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  1. Wow, I hope your silly little photo goal with boudoir worked out.