24 March 2012

New Carnival Photos for KimDot!

Hello there! 
Here are some new carnival themed photos. After St. Paddy's day myself and a friend headed to a beautiful indoor carnival here in Vancouver. In hindsight, the day after a very drunken holiday is probably not the best time to go on roller-coaster rides. But I did manage to snap some photos I'm very excited about.

I squealed like little girls when I saw the carousel. I've adored horses ever since I was a kid and loved going horse riding. Jumping and trekking were my favourite. I also had a toy in the 90's that were full of carousel horses exactly like these that you would collect from The Carousel Collection. Does anyone else remember them?

Photo from Ebay - source unknown

I'm not sure why but this photo made me excited for some reason. I caught the bulb just as it was dimming from it's flash and I managed to capture the details of the flare inside the glass. It's inspired me to try some experiments with photographing bulbs sometime in the future.

Aw, carnival lights. Who can resist them? 

Rubber duckies!!!! They just make you smile :D
 I loved how this little guy in the centre is swimming away from me with his tail feather up. I also adore the way the water turned out on the left hand side, and the completely out of focus guy in the very front looks almost surprised :p

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Aoife x


  1. oh these are fabulous. god I am so jealous of your life - arrrrghhhhh
    Can't wait to share your work with my readers on Friday x

  2. Wow these pictures are amazing. You definitely got a talend. It makes me crave the summer so I can go to a fair =)

    - Sarah
    A Girl In Transit

  3. Really love the soft focus, colours and tones. Beautiful as always darlin :)