05 March 2012

My Silly Little Photography Goals

This is a list of achievable goals I made a few months ago. Ok, the 'own a studio' one is a distant future goal, but it's one I can't help put down and look at everyday.

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*Have a fully stocked online store.
I'm liking the way my shop is looking the more photos I add to it. I have ideas for more sellable prints that I'm slowly getting through. It's time consuming, but this is an important goal for me.

*Get a professional website.
I have a free wix portfolio website right now. It's fine, and I can show people my past work on a whim, but I do need a proper site soon. I'm currently shopping around for web designers.

*Shoot a Boudoir session.
Boudoir photography is something I really want to do. I have a photo session booked already in the next week that I'm so excited about!

*Shoot a special occasion professionally (i.e. Wedding).
I have been studying Wedding photography for months now and it's something I'm desperate to get into.

*Eventually have my own apartment to set up permanent photography spots.
Speaks for itself, really. I'm starting to get a bit frustrated at tidying away my equipment under my bed. I would love to have permanent back drops or photo spots set up in my own apartment that I would never have to take down

*Become knowledgeable about multiple aspects of photography (i.e. techniques, lighting, lenses, etc.).
This is very important to me. When I need something in photography I usually find a household item or random use for an object to create a desired effect. But I feel my photos would benefit from learning the proper technique with the proper equipment. I have been studying so many different books for months and months and I've already reaped the benefits of it and learned so much.

*Own a studio.
My dream. Someday.

*Teach classes and workshops.
I love teaching and would love to eventually build a reputation, portfolio and personal experience worthy enough to teach others about photography.

Aoife x

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  1. Exciting goals! I love photography but am a complete amateur, my goal when I go back to the UK is to spend more time learning about it and to save up for my own DLSR :)