08 March 2012

Instagram Catch Up // Twinkling Vancouver

One of the best things about living in a city is how the lights look when it starts fading to night time. Some of my favourite things to capture for Instagram is parts of this beautiful city, especially when it's twinkle time. Here are some silly cell phone photos of Twinkling Vancouver...

The Granville strip at sunset.

Randomly came across fireworks while having drinks on Robson St.

I adore all the fairy lights amongst the trees on Robson Street.

The view of where I eat lunch everyday at night.

I adore walking this way home at night :)

As much as I miss the long summer evenings, I love how the city twinkles more these days :D

Such a magical place to study. Brushing up on all the boring business and technical side of photography. Thankfully I'm doing it somewhere beautiful :)

Definitely cuddle weather today. 

My friends in the boat yard behind work climbed the masts to put up these awesome Christmas lights. They did an awesome job! :) 

Starlit entrance to the same hospital :)

Sunset from my living room window :)

My walk home from work is beautiful. Man, I love this city :) 

Absolutely freezing my bum off taking photos up here on Granville Bridge :p

 I pass this beautiful walk way everyday on my way to work. This was the first time I stopped to take some photos :)

Drinking on the docks with the boaters and staring out at our twinkling city. Just a typical Friday evening in Vancouver :)

Full moon over my twinkling city while I was cycling home from work :)

Reflections on the skytrain.

Watching the full moon from my bedroom window :) #nofilter


  1. LOVE your posts about Canada, I have serious wanderlust - what would be cool (just a thought) if you did a post about emigrating to Canada, the process, the visas, the expense, what you expected, what actually happened, advice etc....Myself and the other half are hoping to go in 2014 and I have no idea where to start!! :(

  2. @Rebecca... Thanks Rebecca! I have already made a post like that. Here is the link: http://aoife-blake.blogspot.com/2011/09/q-coming-to-vancouver.html

    I hope it's helpful?

    Aoife x