23 March 2012

Instagram Catch Up // Outfits

One of my guilty pleasures with Instagram is looking at peoples outfit photos. I love them. Here's a few of mine since my Instagram addiction started....

Heading out for a black and gold themed Christmas Eve party :)

Trying on pretty dresses :)

Don't care if I unwillingly flash people in hammocks today I'm wearing my new dress to work *in love*

I know I've been obsessing over dresses lately but this one broke my heart today. The only one they had in my size had a busted zip :(

It's such a gorgeous sunny day I decided to wear a dress I bought at wreck beach during the summer. Think it cost me $3 :)

Huzzah! Finally managed to snap up a dress from urban outfitters (the last one had a broken zip). Is it bad that it's first outing is to a flea market? :p
Eeeep! Look what I found!! When I was paying for it the girl told me it was handmade. Would love to find that talented person and get them to make all my dresses :)

In a very stripy mood today :)

Chevron dress, cherry blossoms and a messy bun :)

Thought I'd rock the super duper shiny leggings in work today. Sure, why not? :D

Loving my pretty new top that I first saw on @skunkboycreatures:)

Feeling a bit classy today.

 Totally feeling my new chevron shirt from Billabong :)

Finally got the weather to wear my vintage pink candy stripe dress :) can't wait to wear it all the time when summer hits.

Vintage gingham today :)

Wearing a backless top out to dinner in December? I'm definitely becoming climatized :p 

Absolutely loving my new tights! And they're so warm and comfy in work :)

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