13 March 2012

How to Tuesdays // The Im late for work Bun

We've all had those mornings where you only have 5 minutes to get to work/that interview/that portfolio presentation and you don't even have enough time to brush and style your hair. Well, here is my trick for a fast, presentable bun that takes less than 30 seconds to do.

Step 1: Take your messy locks and tie them into a quick ponytail. How neat you would like it is up to you.

Step 2: Take a bun donut and loop your ponytail through the centre. If you don't have one of these I strongly suggest you invest in one, they make buns look thick and full and save so much time on styling. You can get them at any drug or grocery store.

Step 3: Loop your hair clockwise over the donut and cover it. Then take a hair tie the same colour as your hair and loop it over the bun (you can use pins to secure your hair too, but I find the tie works faster). Tuck in any stray hairs to be neat, or pull a few out if you want a messy look.

There you go! Quick and easy.

Aoife x


  1. I've always seen these donut thingys - but now that I've seen your cool tutorial, I'm gona buy one!!! :)

  2. I always use these donuts - super quick and looks posh enough for wedding too :)

  3. Also if you dont have a donut, A thick black/brown sock will work the same if you cut off the top and roll it inside out :) A handy way to figure out to do with socks when you lose one half of the pair!