31 August 2011

Silly Little Things I Create: New items for my shop!

Here are some more items for my etsy shop: KimDot. Just click on the photos :)
I'm also so excited by this little easel I found for photographing my stuff. It's so adorable!

Aoife x

15 August 2011

A Silly Little Photo Of My New City: Beaches with Trees

This silly little photo is from Jericho Beach here in Vancouver. One of the best things about the beaches here (apart from the fact that they're all so close to the city) is that nearly all of them have trees behind them. This may not seem like such a big deal, but to us Hammock Enthusiasts it means every time we go to the beach we can hammock too. Plus it's so beautiful to have all this green met the sand and then the ocean.
Here is a picture I snapped of myself sunbathing while waiting for my friends to arrive. I've been going to the beach alot this summer. I'm nearly turning into a beach bum! Every spare second I have I head to one of them (though it's usually the nudist beach).

Aoife x

13 August 2011

Lovely New Stuff For Etsy...

A few days ago I came across someone who was about to throw out a large amount of leather. They were just scraps but I feel very strongly about wasting something like that. I convinced her to let me take the bag instead of just dumping all of it. I took them home and began creating. I must say I'm delighted with how it works and I'm feeling very inspired right now.
When the bag is used up I may either start using faux leather or search for more leather that's about to be wasted.
Anywho, here are some new items for my store on Etsy.

From left to right, to see them on Etsy just clink on the links below:
Red Rose (Sold)

Aoife x