27 July 2011

Robson Sushi... nom!

I would like to introduce to you one of my favourite spots in Vancouver. 
Robson Sushi.
Myself and my friends randomly stumbled across this place one day and ever since we have gathered there whenever we all have a day off work. No matter what adventure we will be doing that day, Robson Sushi is a must. It's an all you can eat, and trust me, we always get our moneys worth.

It's a little different to the all you can eat places back home. It's not a buffet style where you walk up to a pile of food with a plate and a smile. Here you look at the menu and write down the number of the item you want and how many orders of the item you'll need (some orders have 2 or 4 pieces). Then they bring it to you when it's cooked/chopped/prepared and you can do this as many times as you want to with as many item on the list as needed. 
I find this method better as you don't waste food (one of my pet peeves).

It's at the point now where we don't even need to call out the number to each other at the table, we all know what each of us want and what our favourite pieces are.

I've never been a fan of sushi, mostly because the only sushi I've ever had came from Yo! Sushi or Marks & Spencers... yuck! Not.Real.Sushi. There is huge Asian population over here so they know how to do it right and I'm addicted!

If any of you are about the city I'd strongly advise you go here. Most days we only spend $9.95 on an all you can eat lunch or $14.95 for dinner and as you can see from the receipt below we make it worth our while. This is a receipt between only two of us, and the 4 and 5s are orders not pieces. 

If you're not a fan or are a bit nervous about eating sushi, they also do rice, noodles, chicken and beef teriyake and a lot of vegetable options too.
The wonderful Robson Sushi is located on 1542 Robson St (Robson and Cardero) and is amazing!

Aoife x

26 July 2011

A Silly Little Photo Of My New City: The View From My Bedroom

I am so excited to share this silly little photo with you....  it's the view from my bedroom window! I recently moved to a wonderful new place in the West End of Downtown and it's so inspiring. My bedroom has floor to ceiling windows, it's so bright and happy. This is what sits behind my laptop as I blog. I can't believe I live here! Yesterday I walked to the beach from my apartment.... eeeep!!!!

I'll make sure to give you a proper tour of my new place... haven't decided on a photographic or video tour yet. Any preferences?

Aoife x

25 July 2011

An Eerie Shoot in a 1930's Character House

Recently I did a photoshoot with my friend Nicola. She lives in the most amazing place, a 1930's character building and it really inspired me. While beautiful it has a very eerie presence to it. Especially the basement. 
I wanted to capture some creepy shots in this building while I had the chance. 
Not only was the building perfect for what I had in mind, so was Nicola. She's an absolute darling and has this wonderful doll-like prettiness to her that was spot on. I wanted some innocence to the subject, slightly tragic with a 'too beautiful to have left this world when she did' feel. She is also a very talented dancer and has an elegance that was fantastic to capture (it also made her the easiest person I have ever had to photograph, everything I asked she did perfectly... you have no idea how refreshing that is for me!). 

The psychotic head-tilt in the first photo mesmerizes me. I love it! It's such an unnatural pose, it looks uncomfortable and makes you feel uncomfortable too. It's like she's figuring out a way to toy with you.

The head blur in the photo above was inspired by the work of my good friend Ken McDonagh. It goes really well with the child-like doll pose.
Ha! This one was actually an accident. I was testing out head blurs and Nicola decided to head bang as a joke. I snapped it and the result came out really Zombie-esque. Love it! The still makes it look like she's creeping her way out of the door towards you. You can almost hear the cliched zombie groans. It's amazing how much a photograph can deceive.
This photo was actually two test shots. I was testing the light and movement with some quick clicks and really liked them as I was flicking through the end results. I decided to splice the two together to create some eerie movement and I really like how it turned out.

This photo above I really like and I find it addictive to look at. There's something so submissive about her pose. Still really eerie, but slightly innocent and so out of place.

I have alot of photos from this shoot, some in the hallway, some in the basement and some on the stairs but these are the ones I picked out for now as my favourites. I have some lovely ones with Nicola looking into the camera more, but her body movements in these photos are spot on.

I'm submitting one of these into a photography exhibition....  which one do you think I should send in?

Aoife x

21 July 2011

Ice cream I can actually eat!

Ok, this may seem a little silly to some people about how excited I was to come across this Gelato Cafe, but I haven't had Ice Cream since I got to Vancouver. Why? Because I have dairy allergies. It was fine back home, I could have little bits of stuff here and there, but for some reason I'm very allergic to dairy products over here. No big deal, I really don't mind for the most part.

But I was very happy to find Gelarmony on Robson street has an amazing selection of dairy free ice creams and sorbets... which I'm sure anybody in the same position as me, as well as vegans, will know how little choice there can be sometimes (note to vegans: I'm not exactly sure what the gelatin situation is in their gelato?).
This place was pointed out to me by a friend who lives nearby and as I bee-lined for the chocolate soy the man behind the counter informed me that the entire freezer shown below was all dairy free. Yippee!!!

Below is my 'usual'... Chocolate Soy with Guava Rosa and Green Apple sorbet. Fantastic.

The above photo was taken in my new apartment...this is the view from the kitchen table where I will be eating breakfast every morning (and more dairy free gelato... yeay!). More on that soon.

Gelarmony is located on 1222 Robson St. Go Check it out if you're near, it's fantastic :)

Aoife x