24 June 2011

True Value Vintage Sale - Fill a bag for $20!!!

Ok, listen up Vintagey Vancouverites... True Value Vintage on Robson & Granville are having a sale this coming Sat & Sun (25th & 26th June). Fill a bag of clothes from their stock room with backstock of 20 years! The wonderfully helpful staff informed me that it doesn't matter how full the bag is as long as it's closed, and it doesn't matter how big or small the knot is. Amazing!
I adore this shop and have found so many wonderful treasures buried deep in their (very cheap) sale racks. The shop is closing down/moving location, so even if you don't make the sale the entire store is a sale rack at the moment, so pop in anyway. I cannot wait to forage through their stuff, and like I said it's from their backroom stock so none of it has been seen on the shop floor before. 

The facebook event page for it is here.

Hopefully I'll have some lovely, amazingly cheap things to show you and I'll try and take some photos before the building is torn down and the shop has to move to it's new location on Main St (and JUST as I'm about to move to a new apartment near it's old location Downtown).

If anybody can make it, let me know!!! I'll be there on the Sunday right from when the store opens. I'd love to run into you guys.
I'll be wearing a daisy clip in my hair so come say hi to me :)

Aoife x

22 June 2011

Adventures with Coloured Hair

The coloured hair has disappeared for another time. I have my hair back to a 'normal' colour but I loved having my hair all wonderful bright shades. What's even nicer is being in a place where I was accepted for having such 'mad' hair (it would never have happened in my home town). My friends were very encouraging, especially some of my male friends who insisted it was quite pretty. My boss and co-workers were very helpful and customers in the shop had some very lovely conversations with me about it. I was offered jobs in places who thought because I had pink hair I'd fit in, some including well known franchises. 
 I had it cotton candy pink, hot-hot pink, rock n roll red, and pillar box red which faded to a beautiful coral colour in the photo below (it was my favourite shade).

So, why did I go back? Well, my roots are disastrous! After less than two weeks my roots were very, very visible. My hair grows really fast and I didn't want to have to bleach my hair every other week, even if it is just the roots I didn't feel comfortable doing it that often. If it wasn't for that I'd still have brightly coloured hair. It was so much fun! (Be warned though, if you're thinking of dying your hair you do get stared at alot, this never bothered me, but if it's something that might get to you just be prepared.)
You can see in the photos below how bad my roots were were only a short while after dying them both with the red and pink.

Here are some 'everyday' photos of myself and friends out and about. The reason I'm showing you this is so you can see what the coloured hair looks like in everyday on goings if you're thinking of dying it yourself.

Playing on the swings in Stanley Park

Being extras in a film

Pointing out Vancouver in Ikea

Joking around on a night out

Having drinks in the SameSun Hostel where we all met

Not impressed with he conversation behind me in The Cambie

Random photo with friends in The Cambie

Below is the beautiful blue hair of Kaylah from The Dainty Squid. She has some wonderful pointers in her Tips & Tricks for dying hair including bleaching and mixing colours. Her advice on roots were to leave them grow until you just can't stand it, but unfortunately mine just grew too fast.

So, I've decided to say goodbye to a full head of brightly coloured hair, much to the 'oh noes' of my friends. I put Bronzed Brown in my hair, but it turned out alot more golden than it was supposed to, which I kinda like. I also kept streaks of blonde in it by putting vaseline in parts while dying it. I'm keeping these bits to put single streaks of pinks or reds (in places where you can't see the re-growth :p ). My friend has also started putting a single dreadlock in my hair which I'll be dying too. 
I'll admit, I'm a bit releaved to have my hair this way. The upkeep was a bit much so it's nice not to have to worry about how awful my roots look with my fading hair colour. I also felt that with the coloured hair I needed to wear heavy eye make up sometimes to balance out the severe colours, but now it's nice to have a nice airy, natural, summery style where I don't need very much, or any make-up to feel comfortable. 

I have a feeling I'll be dying my hair at some point again in the future though. I did love it.

Aoife x

21 June 2011

Vancouver, I still love you!

I'm sure by now everyone is aware of the horrid riots that occurred in Vancouver last week. I can't tell you how saddened I was to see it happening to my beautiful city. Luckily, I had left the area of downtown just before things kicked off. I met up with friends when the crowds started pouring out of the bars and we headed to a local bar we knew would be quieter. We sat down, ordered some drinks and then looked up at the TV to see tear gas canisters being thrown into the crowd and police cars being turned over and burned. I honestly thought it was footage of the 1994 riots, I couldn't grasp that this was happening right now, right outside, 3 blocks from where we were sitting. It's not that I'm not used to this sort of behaviour, I've lived in cities and towns where seeing burned out cars on my walk to college/the shops/a stroll up the mountains isn't out of the ordinary (obviously not to the same extent), I just couldn't believe this would happen in Vancouver. While this city has it's problems, the general atmosphere and mindset of the people here is far from the type of actions that happened the other night.
My friend and co-worker, Sarah Jane Lazenby, took this photo on her walk home from the city center with her iphone. Talya Florian, who is also a friend and co-worker, is looking back at the city as smoke rises from the destruction. The view from this bridge is usually so beautiful, it's strange to see it look like something from Gotham City.
I feel the same way about the photos of the streets below. I know them well and have some happy memories from alot of spots seen in the photos, it's so strange to see them look so menacing.

Photos above from here.

I ended up staying the night at a friends apartment downtown and I'm glad as two of my friends were injured. One tore his leg open on glass and the other got a face full of tear gas, thankfully they're both ok. 
The next morning we ventured to where most of the destruction happened to help with the clean up and, if I'm honest, to see if I could get some photos (though my battery had died, sucks!). We saw regular everyday people, children, teenagers, people in suits, wheelchair users and even the homeless pick up pieces of glass, sweep the streets and polish marble walls. There was nothing left for us to help with, everything had been taken care of so quickly, it was amazing. A huge contrast to what we saw the night before.

photo source unknown
photo from The Calgary Sun
This project is wonderful. Andy Fang took portraits of some of the volunteers that came out to help clean up Vancouver. Above is a shot he took of a Bruins fan (the opposing team) helping out.
Photo from Andias.Com
photo by Joshua Berson @bersonphoto

Photo from The National Post

photo from The Star

Photo from The Vancouver Sun

People leaving thank you messages for the VPD. Photo from The Province

The riots were a disgusting sight to watch, and I will say how upset I am to have heard so many Irish accents on the people destroying things in the youtube videos (c'mon lads, not cool!). But I have to say a big well done to Vancouver on what most of the city did next. People are proud to be part this city for a reason, I'M proud to be a part of this city, and my reasons are shown in the photos above. While the shots may not be as exciting, captivating or historic, I believe they are just as important. Seeing people take time out of their day to help others is a daily occurrence in this city, so it was no surprise to see so many people band together and help. These are the real people of Vancouver, please don't judge this wonderful city by the idiotic actions of the few who were swayed by mob mentality. It's not what this place is all about. I promise.

Vancouver, I still love you!

Aoife x

12 June 2011

A Silly Little Photo Of My New City: Night shot from Granville Island

For this weeks silly little photo I decided to share a night shot with you.
This is the view of Downtown Vancouver from Granville Island, right under the Granville Bridge. I eat lunch in this spot most days and I'm still in awe from how beautiful it is. This was the first night I got to see what it's like in the dark (we went to see a friend play in one of the bars on the island, she was amazing!) so I decided to hang back and take a few snaps while I could.

vancouver granville island aoife blake

Aoife x

08 June 2011

A Silly Little Thought: Adventure is out there.

Recently I've been getting an awful lot of questions about moving to Vancouver/a new city. I love it! People are starting to get excited about finding new things out there.
I try to answer all the questions as quickly as I can and apologies if I can't get back to you as soon as you'd hoped.... I will try to put a post together to answer everything. But for now I will start with this silly little thought. I think it's the most important piece of advice I can give:

The photo was taken on my journey over to Vancouver. The funny thing is I took it not knowing that some of my very good friends-to-be were sitting all around me, also alone, and in a few hours we would all meet randomly in the hostel, grow very close and get to fall in love with this city together.
Please feel free to use the photo above as incentive. Print it out and stick it to your wall, use it as your wallpaper on your computer, etc. That could be you sitting on a plane, flying to a new city, not knowing what's awaiting you but excited and smiling at the thought of someplace new. Someplace more exciting. You want adventure? A new city is a big place, it can't come to you. Go find it. Everything else will fall into place one way or another. But please, just go for it. I shiver at the thought of what I could have missed out on if I never picked up and left. 

Do it.

Aoife x

03 June 2011

A Silly Little Photo Of My New City: Public Library

I've decided to start a feature here on KimDot showing just how beautiful Vancouver is and why every single day I am so happy to be able to wonder this amazing city. Every week I will post a single photo of a random location. Hopefully this will let you all see why I have fallen in love with this place and also encourage me to take my camera more places with me.

This is a shot of the Public Library (the circular building to the left). I've been spending alot of time in there over the past few days studying and researching prop and set design for film (more on that later, things are starting to come together). They have a wonderful collection of books highlighting the tricks of the trade from the 1920's and 30's onward. I'm such a nerd! Also brushing up on the more technical side of photography. Just 'cause I can :p

Aoife x

02 June 2011

Guest Post on Things I fell in Love with Today

Hey everyone, I was invited to do a guest post for the lovely Lorna from Things I Fell in Love with Today while she is away on holidays. Remember that vintage dress I was working on? Well I managed to alter it with no sewing machine :)
Click the image below to see the post x

aoife blake kimdot loladee

Aoife x