27 April 2011

A couple of things I've been working on...

More marshmallow photography, just because they're fun. These are just a few quick snaps of some of the darker ones. The brighter versions will be available in my store soon.

A peek at one of my handmade hairclips for re-stocking my KimDot shop :) Can't wait to open it again.

This week I have bright red hair. I love it! Never thought I'd prefer it to the pink hair but there ya go. Think this colour will be sticking around for a while.

Also working on this wonderful vintage dress I fell in love with and snagged. It's too big and too long so I'm currently altering it to my figure. Trying out a few new tricks as I don't have a sewing machine. So stay posted!

What kind of things have you all been working on? :)
Aoife x

25 April 2011

Cowboy Vegabond

So as you all know I am a huge fan of fellow 'hammock enthusiast' Shera Kelly's music. She has such a beautiful voice and her lyrics are the type that have such pretty emotion they can ring true in your own life. You may remember I used one of Shera's songs in this video post and did a creative trade with her not too long ago.

Photo of Shera Kelly at The BackStage Lounge by Leigh Eldridge

Recently she found a beautiful Cherry Blossom tree and wanted to film a music video in front of it before the house is sold and the tree is cut down (very sad face about that) and asked me if I would video it for her. I of course said yes, but the more I thought about it the more I realised how I don't have adequate equipment or experience for this and suggested she ask the talented Fraser Martyniuk instead (he also taught me how to tie knots for the hammocks). Fraser did a really wonderful job and the video is amazing.

So here is Cowboy Vegabond, a beautiful video for a beautiful song. Enjoy :)

Aoife x

15 April 2011

Sugar Skull Painting and Shocking Pink Hair

Completed one of my first (of hopefully many) paintings in Vancouver... and about time, really. It's a Mexican Sugar/Day of the Dead/Dia de los Muertos Skull and they are simply beautiful things that are incredibly fun to sketch and paint.
It's acrylic with ink on birch and prints will be available soon in my Etsy store. I'm just giving you a quick look now because I won't be re-opening my Etsy until I have a substantial stock to fill it with. Hopefully sooner rather than later... I really miss running my silly little online store :(

Also.... I put Hot Hot Pink from Manic Panic in my hair. Wow. It's shockingly pink. But I love it! Turns out my hair grows super fast and I already have about half an inch of roots (er, it's been like two weeks, how is that possible?) which is frustrating because there's so many creative photos I want to do while my hair is pink before I dye it another colour.
Below are some photos... I've also included some random snaps from around Vancouver because I was asked to get some in natural light to see the actual colour better (sorry I never got any of the cotton candy pink).

Incase you haven't noticed I love playgrounds!
Hope everyones week is going well?

Aoife x