17 January 2011

Some Accessories for Canada...

I'm so happy... I was able to create again! You have no idea how hard it has been not to be able to sit down to sew or paint. But I made myself some personal accessories to bring with me to Vancouver. I used these scraps I had left over from other projects. I couldn't sell or donate them, no one wants scraps with holes, so I decided to make some pretty things for myself.



Because they were made from scraps I decided to submit them into Project Restyle. A project based around re-using or re-vamping thrifted, vintage or damaged items.
Just think, these nearly ended up in the bin!

3 days until I leave!!!!!

Aoife x

P.S. I was very happy to be given two blog awards recently from Carrie from Cherry Blossom Tattoo & Nadine from Time 2 Shine. Thank you both so much! I will post about them & pass on the awards once I get time in Vancouver :)

14 January 2011

Dye, Dye, Dye!

(***My blue dress was featured on A Beautiful Mess***)

It sucks when you stain one of your beloved pieces of clothing... trust me, I know! But they can be saved.

I've had the dress in the picture above for years. I adore it. But one day while exploring I got loads of silly grass stains all over it. They wouldn't wash out. So I picked up a box of Tropical Green dye from Dylon and it completely covered them (the green isn't as acid as the picture shows, it's actually a softer lime but my light has a yellow tint to it so it looks harsher than it really is).
I put some colourful large buttons on the top, which are some personal accessories I made for myself for Canada (post about those soon).

I posted about this dress before here. It was a bargain find but I hung it up next to a pair of new jeans and it became stained with denim dye all down the front.
I dyed it Bahama Blue and made a maroon ribbon belt around the waist.

I've been getting alot a questions about this coat. This is my 'Harry Potter' coat (or Red Riding Hood, as others call it). I bought in on a sale rack in New Look. One of the good things about living in my town; it's great to find little gems that no one else wants because it's too 'weird' ;)
The only trouble with this coat is the colour is dreadful. It's very hard to describe, almost an orange-red with a hint of salmon pink and seems to look worse when you wear brown with it (even the shape looks dreadful in the stock photo). So I decided to dye it Ruby Red, which was a limited edition colour and no longer available from the from the Dylon website.

6 days until I leave! Sooo excited :D

Aoife x

P.S. I decided to send the first two photos into the Project Restyle challenge.

01 January 2011

Vintage Roller Skates

I bought these in a Vintage Store in Barcelona for only 5 euro a few years back and they've been sitting around collecting dust. Shameful treatment for things that bring me so much fun and are in such great condition.

Too heavy to bring, too much of a waste to leave behind, too hurtful to sell. I've no idea what to do with them?
Aoife x