26 October 2011

A catch up on some adventures...

So I've been missing from the blog world for a little bit. The past while has been filled with boring paper documents and taking care of visa work. But thankfully it has also been filled with amazing adventures with wonderful people and beautiful scenery. Here's a quick peek into the things I got up to here in my wonderful city....

Going on chair-lift rides up Grouse Mountain before the snow season. It's amazing to see the difference in this place when it's sunny and not snowy.

Taking bike rides around the beautiful Stanley Park.

Climbing trees, of course!

Doing some wonderful kayaking. It was just spectacular paddle past people who were flying kites and building sandcastles on the beach, but still be able to see the skyscrapers from the city at the same time.

Hammocking at Second Beach, one of the closest beaches to my place.

Having the wonderfully talented Keegan and SJ play their ukuleles while we go on hammock adventures at Jericho beach. 

Going swimming in the ocean and then watching the sunset after work.

As you can tell, I've turned into quite the beach bum... with lots of sitting around in the Hang Out Chairs in beautiful places.

And as usual, adoring every single moment of working in The Hang Out Place as I get to see moments like this quite a lot.

Hope you've all been well? I've missed you!

Aoife x

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  1. no wonder you haven't blogged in a while...too busy living what looks like an amazing life!:) *jealous*