08 September 2011

Work in Progress

So this is just a quick post to show you guys the beginning of new work. This is the background of an oil painting I'll be starting this week.
For the past few months I've been sketching and researching new methods, materials and characters for my paintings and let me tell you.... none of it is working! So, I'm taking a step back to when I was last really comfortable with my paintings. It was during college when I was doing a project on Graffiti Writers, one in particular: Baqsr, which I never fully finished or brought to it's full potential. I was painting oil and indian ink with spray paint on wood.. and that's what I'm sticking with.

Here is the background for the new painting. It's acrylic mixed with indian ink, which creates those really cool grey patches & streaks. I can't wait to get my layers on it.

It's also really messy... which I love. I'm just so glad my apartment is mostly marble and that I have black nail polish with me. Ever tried to get dried indian ink out from under your nails? It's impossible!

Updates on the new stuff soon!

Aoife x


  1. Great job! So creative! Thank you for the sweet sweet comment.
    xo, ELsie

  2. i love when people work with indian ink - it create the coolest most edgy pieces of art. but yes, the spillage is a...slight downside - me and my couch know from experience!!