21 July 2011

Ice cream I can actually eat!

Ok, this may seem a little silly to some people about how excited I was to come across this Gelato Cafe, but I haven't had Ice Cream since I got to Vancouver. Why? Because I have dairy allergies. It was fine back home, I could have little bits of stuff here and there, but for some reason I'm very allergic to dairy products over here. No big deal, I really don't mind for the most part.

But I was very happy to find Gelarmony on Robson street has an amazing selection of dairy free ice creams and sorbets... which I'm sure anybody in the same position as me, as well as vegans, will know how little choice there can be sometimes (note to vegans: I'm not exactly sure what the gelatin situation is in their gelato?).
This place was pointed out to me by a friend who lives nearby and as I bee-lined for the chocolate soy the man behind the counter informed me that the entire freezer shown below was all dairy free. Yippee!!!

Below is my 'usual'... Chocolate Soy with Guava Rosa and Green Apple sorbet. Fantastic.

The above photo was taken in my new apartment...this is the view from the kitchen table where I will be eating breakfast every morning (and more dairy free gelato... yeay!). More on that soon.

Gelarmony is located on 1222 Robson St. Go Check it out if you're near, it's fantastic :)

Aoife x


  1. Not silly at all. I have been diagnosed with a tortuous colon and hav to stay away from dairy and red meat. So I would be insanely excited to find a place like this. Ice cream is one of the things I miss terribly.

  2. oh girl!!!! thanks for the reminder, i LOVE that place and used to live down the street so would get a weekly fix. since moving further away i kinda forgot about the amazings there. omg, pink grapefruit is my all-time fave in the world! love the photos, so fun and bright. green apple? that must be a new flavor, thanks for the tip. so glad it sits well for you, dairy allergies must cause a lot of havoc. good report!

    congrats on the new breakfast nook, so exciting - happy Sunday! ♥

  3. @Nicole.. Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear that. I'd post you over some if I could. I'm sure there's tonnes of soy ice cream recipes online? Actually gives me an idea for a new post ;)

    @Lynn.. I know, it's such a lovely place, and the staff are soooo nice too. Thank you!

  4. Your should check out the place beside the Fairmont Pacific Rim on the corner of Burrard and Cordova too! Robert who runs it is really nice and as far as I can remember they're nearly all water based so no dairy! Amazing stuff!! I worked next door when he was opening and helped taste test some when he was perfecting his flavours :) YUM!

  5. Oh, I'm totally craving ice cream right now ;p.

    Hope you're having a great week!