08 June 2011

A Silly Little Thought: Adventure is out there.

Recently I've been getting an awful lot of questions about moving to Vancouver/a new city. I love it! People are starting to get excited about finding new things out there.
I try to answer all the questions as quickly as I can and apologies if I can't get back to you as soon as you'd hoped.... I will try to put a post together to answer everything. But for now I will start with this silly little thought. I think it's the most important piece of advice I can give:

The photo was taken on my journey over to Vancouver. The funny thing is I took it not knowing that some of my very good friends-to-be were sitting all around me, also alone, and in a few hours we would all meet randomly in the hostel, grow very close and get to fall in love with this city together.
Please feel free to use the photo above as incentive. Print it out and stick it to your wall, use it as your wallpaper on your computer, etc. That could be you sitting on a plane, flying to a new city, not knowing what's awaiting you but excited and smiling at the thought of someplace new. Someplace more exciting. You want adventure? A new city is a big place, it can't come to you. Go find it. Everything else will fall into place one way or another. But please, just go for it. I shiver at the thought of what I could have missed out on if I never picked up and left. 

Do it.

Aoife x


  1. I loved your pic.


  2. a very good thought indeed! i sometimes hide myself away and need to be reminded of this very thing. isn't it something how happenstances occur so serendipitously. you seem to have had quite a few in your life, it's a very special thing.

    completely motivated by you lades, way to keep it unique! happy weekend, hockey night in Canada is a rockin'...gotta get back to the tube ; )

    thanks a bunch for your visit, a photo walk sounds lovely sometime and if you ever need any tour guiding, let me know. cheers! ♥

  3. I'm so motivated and admire your sense of adventure Aoife! I have one, but at this point in time it has to run within the limits of my own city. Damn.

    I know so many people like you that have up and left to go to another city or another country yet I know so few like me who have stayed behind sometimes for reasons out of our control while all the other members (parents included) went off to explore. It can be lonely for those left behind just as much as those that head away.

    That's why joining in other people's adventures is so appealing =)Even if they're the ones that have travelled to the place you can't escape just yet.