03 June 2011

A Silly Little Photo Of My New City: Public Library

I've decided to start a feature here on KimDot showing just how beautiful Vancouver is and why every single day I am so happy to be able to wonder this amazing city. Every week I will post a single photo of a random location. Hopefully this will let you all see why I have fallen in love with this place and also encourage me to take my camera more places with me.

This is a shot of the Public Library (the circular building to the left). I've been spending alot of time in there over the past few days studying and researching prop and set design for film (more on that later, things are starting to come together). They have a wonderful collection of books highlighting the tricks of the trade from the 1920's and 30's onward. I'm such a nerd! Also brushing up on the more technical side of photography. Just 'cause I can :p

Aoife x


  1. Pretty picture! That is one great idea, I already can't wait to see more pictures of pretty Vancouver!!

    I wonder if you ever want to go home after the year is over... ;-)

    Lots of love.

  2. Nope, I'm never going to want to go home! I'm already applying for my second year here :)

    Thanks so much Nadine x

  3. beaut of a pic. i walk right by there almost every day and it is one stunning bit of architecture in our city. ♥

  4. Gorgeous! Out of interest, does the building stick out at an angle like the side of a cupcake? Or is it just converging lines doing that?

  5. @Lynn Thank you! I love it so much too.

    @Kell Thanks! Nope, that's the building. It's very circular. It's a beautiful building :)