25 June 2011

Morgan M. Morgansen & HitRECord

While recently going about one of my aimless clicking adventures through the internet I came across something I fell in love with straight away...I adore the Morgan M. Morgansen short films that came from the collaborations on Joseph Gordon Levitt's website hitRECord. I love the writing, the animation, the visuals and of course, the style... tell me you don't want to own everything Lexy is wearing and have a lovely 'suitified' boy like Joe?

You really should watch them, they are fast becoming my favourite things to watch and re-watch. Below is the first one, Date with Destiny.

I cannot tell you how much I love Joseph Gordon Levitt, and I cannot tell you how surprised I am at myself for not joining his website sooner. There's no point in me trying to explain it, as he did such a wonderful job in this video below which also shows some of the process in making the short film above;

What do you think?

Aoife x


  1. Gordon is cute and talented and I like him but he reminds me of Heath Ledger whom I adored first and now I never know if it s for Gordon being Gordon or not... Dang

  2. great blog, love your posts, I am you new follower ;)
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  3. @Sonishka... Yes actually, never noticed that until you mentioned it. Wow, will be seeing that from now on!