22 June 2011

Adventures with Coloured Hair

The coloured hair has disappeared for another time. I have my hair back to a 'normal' colour but I loved having my hair all wonderful bright shades. What's even nicer is being in a place where I was accepted for having such 'mad' hair (it would never have happened in my home town). My friends were very encouraging, especially some of my male friends who insisted it was quite pretty. My boss and co-workers were very helpful and customers in the shop had some very lovely conversations with me about it. I was offered jobs in places who thought because I had pink hair I'd fit in, some including well known franchises. 
 I had it cotton candy pink, hot-hot pink, rock n roll red, and pillar box red which faded to a beautiful coral colour in the photo below (it was my favourite shade).

So, why did I go back? Well, my roots are disastrous! After less than two weeks my roots were very, very visible. My hair grows really fast and I didn't want to have to bleach my hair every other week, even if it is just the roots I didn't feel comfortable doing it that often. If it wasn't for that I'd still have brightly coloured hair. It was so much fun! (Be warned though, if you're thinking of dying your hair you do get stared at alot, this never bothered me, but if it's something that might get to you just be prepared.)
You can see in the photos below how bad my roots were were only a short while after dying them both with the red and pink.

Here are some 'everyday' photos of myself and friends out and about. The reason I'm showing you this is so you can see what the coloured hair looks like in everyday on goings if you're thinking of dying it yourself.

Playing on the swings in Stanley Park

Being extras in a film

Pointing out Vancouver in Ikea

Joking around on a night out

Having drinks in the SameSun Hostel where we all met

Not impressed with he conversation behind me in The Cambie

Random photo with friends in The Cambie

Below is the beautiful blue hair of Kaylah from The Dainty Squid. She has some wonderful pointers in her Tips & Tricks for dying hair including bleaching and mixing colours. Her advice on roots were to leave them grow until you just can't stand it, but unfortunately mine just grew too fast.

So, I've decided to say goodbye to a full head of brightly coloured hair, much to the 'oh noes' of my friends. I put Bronzed Brown in my hair, but it turned out alot more golden than it was supposed to, which I kinda like. I also kept streaks of blonde in it by putting vaseline in parts while dying it. I'm keeping these bits to put single streaks of pinks or reds (in places where you can't see the re-growth :p ). My friend has also started putting a single dreadlock in my hair which I'll be dying too. 
I'll admit, I'm a bit releaved to have my hair this way. The upkeep was a bit much so it's nice not to have to worry about how awful my roots look with my fading hair colour. I also felt that with the coloured hair I needed to wear heavy eye make up sometimes to balance out the severe colours, but now it's nice to have a nice airy, natural, summery style where I don't need very much, or any make-up to feel comfortable. 

I have a feeling I'll be dying my hair at some point again in the future though. I did love it.

Aoife x


  1. I'm not in enough photos.

  2. I love unnatural hair colors and they especially look so fabulous on you...and with your skin tone. You also rock natural hair as well...so lovely.

  3. @Jim ... yeah, you need to jump in front of my camera more. You never do that :p

    @Lorna Thank you! :D

    @Shayla Aw thanks, I wish I still had the bright colours, but they'll be back again some day in the future for a little bit :)

  4. nice hair i love your blog
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