05 May 2011

Silly Little Loves

This weeks Silly Little Loves are....

This wonderful "5 Things I Never Would Have Done Before" post by the lovely Lorna. I'm a huge fan of stepping out of your comfort zone and I hope she kicks the bee-hind out of all the things she plans on doing. It's a wonderful attitude to have in life in my opinion :)

Frolicking around the amazing streets of Vancouver in the beautiful sunshine.
This city makes me so happy.

Wonderfully coloured hair.


Scott Pilgrim.
I'm in lesbians with him.

And of course....


Aoife x


  1. Awh thank you, dear! :) Any suggestions send them my way. I need them:D

    Love those pics of you frolicking around! Lovely dress and hair.


  2. Love the photos of you frolicking! Your hair is gorgeous, and I love that dress too!! Dont'cha love the beautiful weather?

    Hope you're having a great day!