16 May 2011

Pink Snow & Cherry Blossom Tattoos

The most beautiful thing happened the other day. It hailed. 
Ok, the hail wasn't the beautiful thing... it's May so that's a bit of a disaster... but the hail knocked all the petals from the cherry trees which made my walk home in the city look like this:

I adore when the pink petals fall from these trees. We had one in the schoolyard when I was a child and my favourite thing to do was to play in the pink snow. It's the reason I have cherry blossoms flowing along my back.

(The last photo above is old, it was taken about 3 days after I had the tattoo completed)

I've been thinking of adding to it, maybe a black satin ribbon flowing through the flowers or adding some branches? We'll see, but walking on that carpet of petals as they were still falling from the trees was magical and has really inspired me to add to my tattoo. Anyone have a sharpie I can borrow?

Aoife x


  1. gorgeous photos!!! Wish I was there, too!
    And, oh my! You've got the loveliest tattoo, seriously! I was thinking about something like that, but I guess I never had the courage. It's never too late, though! :)

  2. Beautiful tattoos. My friend has cherry blossoms on her side as well...they are so enchanting and lovely. xoxo

  3. those photos are so adorable and your tattoo looks amazing! thanks for following me on twitter! xo nina

  4. tattoo is amazing. the pics are to die for! so talented you are.

  5. Gorgeous! It looks like a runway or a wedding aisle! Really lovely tattoo too.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today!


  6. Wow, such a gorgeous tattoo. And your walk home looks so lovely, little things like cherry blossom always seem to perk me up. Thanks for commenting on my blog, it meant that I have found yours, and it's a lovely find! Do you mind if I include the button for your blog in my sidebar? Anyway, following this blog!



  7. Cherry blossoms are a constant source of fascination - it's like they're out of place - but in a beautiful way. The new layout looks great and I really, really like your header.

  8. Thankyou so much for your lovely comment on my blog. I loooove cherry blossoms on the ground, so so pretty, lovely photos.