14 May 2011

New Blog Design

As some of you may have noticed (and thanks for the compliments!) I've re-designed my blog and put everything, blog and shop, under the name KimDot. For those new followers who just joined in the past few days *big happy waves to you all* here is a what the ol' blog looked like:

I'll really miss the zombie shoe banner but I've decided to put a bit more colour into the design. It reflects a little bit better on my life right now living in a new city and being sooooo happy all the time (not that I was unhappy before, I just disliked the town where I lived and I think it showed in the design a bit).

Would like to thank Lorna and Dawn for their advice and helping me with the decision to re-arrange everything under one name (for those who don't know, my store is called KimDot after my dear departed dalmatian, Kim) and putting everything under one name will help with branding and association. I hope!

Aoife x

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