31 March 2011

My Pink Hair!!!!

Before I start please note that this is not a 'How To Do' as I am not an expert with hair colour. This is simply how I dyed my hair with the products I found that worked for me. Please remember that different products will allow for different results, degrees of hair damage and skin irritation depending on your own reactions to chemicals found in the ingredients.

You may remember me talking about pink hair for the past while. Well I finally did it..... Hurray!!!
It still needs a little work as it's very brassy, not really a cotton candy colour, so it could do with another bleaching but I'm going to wait a bit so my hair doesn't get too fried. It's holding up well, it's not too dried out I'm glad to say... my hair seems to be pretty tough when it comes to bleaching and the likes.

Below are just some web cam snaps of the process.

 I am actually wearing a strapless top incase you're wondering (which I would recommend as I got bleach all over my blue pyjama top) so don't worry, it's not turning into THAT kind of blog :p

These are the products I used...
Clairol L'Image Maxi Blonde: The reason I chose this is because it contains a lightening cream to lift the blonde just that little bit extra. It brings your colour 3 shades above your natural colour without too much damage as it conditions while it's working, which is just what I needed. Out of all my strand tests this was the best and it was on sale in London Drugs for $6.
Manic Panic Cotton Candy: Not as good as Stargazer dyes in my opinion (I've used Stargazer's Magenta Pink before) but you can't buy Stargazer over here so it had to do. Still did the trick. Bought it in Adrenaline on Granville for $15... turns out they're $12.50 in The Rock Shop just a few stores up. Though the guy in Adrenaline kindly photocopied all the chart colours for me (and was super hot!).

I may play around with darker shades of pink and even experiment with some other colours while my hair is bleached. Any suggestions?? Have you got a favourite hair colour you'd like to share? Pretty please?

Aoife x


  1. I love it :) I used the dark teal, purple, and shocking blue that manic panic sells and liked all three. I'd do the teal, then the blue, and then the purple (not all at the same time of course). I just dyed blue over teal etc and it would turn out lovely.

    I'm jealous of the pink hair. I had to give up the weird hair because it dyes bath tubs and I'm refinishing a 100 year old cast iron tub. I'd hate to do all that work and ruin in with blue hair.

  2. Ooooh, the idea of dying ontop of other colours never occurred to me! Great idea, thank you :)

    Aw, that bath tub sounds beautiful. If there's ever a reason to give up hair dye it's to have a luxurious bubble bath in an antique bath tub. Heaven! x

  3. I really like it! I want my hair pink!

  4. Fun!!! I just added purple to mine!!

  5. It turned out soo nice!! You should add some photos with natural light so we can see it better! So cute though, it doesn't look too brassy from my angle :)

  6. Girl, you look sooo beautiful! That suits you very well!! Very brave, honey!!

    XO. You rock!

  7. WOAH! it looks amazing, and suits your very artsy personality! :)