14 February 2011

Thrifted Photography Backgrounds...

Managed to find time to hang up my backgrounds today. It all cost me under $15 thanks to the wonderful thrift store down the street. Heres a quick peek ...

Aoife x


  1. Heads up that Value Vintage on Robson(and granville) are having a 30% relocation sale. thought it may be up your alley if you haven't already been in!

  2. My daughter would go mad for those backgrounds if she saw them. They look fantastic! Hope you're enjoying life over there!

  3. @ Green of Eye: Thanks so much for the heads up on the sale! Didn't know anything about it until you told me :)

    @Lola_Dee Thanks Lorna!

    @SusanC They were such simple and cheap materials. Life is amazing over here, thank you :)