15 December 2010

A very girlie post ...

The people who know me best know I'm 50% tomboy and 50% girlie. I like to climb things and I don't mind getting mucky in the process, but I also like to get dolled up and wear pretty dresses with bows in my hair. Sometimes, I like to be both at the same time ... I once climbed the Tramore cliff face in a maxi dress and flipflops (I did a damn decent job of it too!) and I spent most of my summer climbing over farmer's gates and exploring abandoned Irish castle ruins in a dotty skirt and grey Primark plimsolls. Yep, life's fun :D

But this post today is calling out for extreme girliness. I've decided to share my beautiful shoes that were saved from the massive pre-Vancouver declutter of my life and are coming with me in my surprisingly light suitcase. I just couldn't get rid of any of these. Would you?

1.... Are my adorable Chocolate and Ice Cream shoes. The toes have little toy chocolate squares and ice cream  scoops on top of whipped cream & waffers. These are only taken out on very special occasions.

(click to enlarge)

2.... Are my cherry blossom shoes. My favourite flower. I have a tattoo of cherry blossoms all down one side of my shoulder to the small of my back. My Mum bought these for me as a present for my college graduation after she saw me go nuts for the embroidered flowers. They also have the prettiest lace trim around the foot opening.

(click to enlarge)

3.... Are THE most comfortable shoes I have ever owned ... I've genuinely moshed, sprinted & scaled walls in these shoes. They have beautiful bows on the back and are a purple/green snake skin design. I managed to get the last pair in my size and I haven't seen these or the first two pairs for sale since. Lucky me!

(click to enlarge)

4.... Are my amazing Zombie shoes! I used these shoes in my blog banner because I have a very weird fascination with zombies (as most of you know from some of my previous creations). I walk around all day with the feeling of stomping a zombie in the face ... imagine how I feel when I skip? Similar shoes for sale here.

(click to enlarge)

5.... Are my 'interview' shoes. I love the turn-down at the front, it reminds me of Victorian spats (probably because of the buttons on the side). These will get a serious workout in Vancouver while I'm on the job hunt. 
Unlike my other heels, these 'Flick Flack' shoes are still available to buy and can be found here.

(click to enlarge)

All the heels above are from Irregular Choice and the flat Zombie Shoes are from Iron Fist.

Also, I have designed some new share buttons like the ones above. You can view them here. Please let me know when you use them so I can return the favour and add your share buttons to my sidebar too.

Aoife x

03 December 2010

Brrrr ..... it's just prep for Vancouver!

Snow. Whether you love it or hate it you will always get cut down. "How can you LIKE snow? It's awful" ...."How can you HATE snow? It's wonderful!" Whenever a snow status pops up in my facebook home page I sit back and giggle at the inevitable flood of comments. 
Personally, I frickin' love it! I adore putting on my fantastically warm, waterproof snow/rave/festival boots and crunching through the whiteness. My favourite part is when the snow melts, frosts, and then more snow falls on top. Extra crunchie! Love it. I also love running and jumping into a 'surfer' slide on large areas of ice. Haven't fallen yet! :D
I'm looking at all the snow and ice as practice for Vancouver (even though the amount of snow probably doesn't compare! Don't worry, I'm told their summers are very warm, so best of both worlds). It would be far more productive if I could practice some snowboarding skills ... was very tempted to go up the mountains by my house but I don't think the sheep would be too impressed. No really, those sheep are moody! Irish sheep usually are. Also, I've a feeling without proper instruction I would go head first into a rock... I tend to think I'm Lara Croft at times.

I have very little left to do for the move, which on Wednesday was 1 month and 20 days left .... eeep! I have everything sold, all my documents prepared and printed, my lingo and slang learned, my Mother assured that I'll be fine and my car is with its new owner. Fairly sorted. Though I've started getting stress dreams about missing my flight or forgetting my papers for the immigration officers.

The countdown for Vancouver is getting very short.... I'm getting unbelievably excited. Especially seeing as once I'm over there I'll be able to paint, sew and create again!

On a random note, I wore my wonderful snood coat (in the photos) to the newest Harry Potter movie and little kids kept walking up to me very eagerly to see who was under the hood (let's face it, it's very cloak like). They were so disappointed to see I wasn't a character from the series, I had to take down my hood and brave the rain while I waited for the cinema to open. Poor kids. I'm such a Harry Potter tease. I wonder who they were expecting me to be?

Also, today I wore my Lola Dee Handmade button hairband. Myself and Lorna did a trade ... I painted her one of my Little Dead Bird paintings and in return she made me my button hairband and a customised Pom Pom hairband for my friends birthday. I told her to 'surprise me' with some colours (I trust her taste :D) and we both loved them. I hear my painting will be hung in her craft room ... yeay!

If you're extra chilly, I'd advise a Slanket. Not a Snuggie, a Slanket. Mine is my best friend at the moment. I have often slept outside (on roofs) with mine, it's that warm!

Aoife x