02 November 2010

To My KimDot Customers ...

Just a quick post to say a big huge THANK YOU to all my KimDot customers who've helped me clear out my stock before I move to Vancouver.
I was so worried I would have to 'get rid' of all my current stock if it didn't sell in time, but thankfully they have found happy new homes with new owners.
Obviously I won't be able to make new stock until I'm settled over in Canada, but I can still take custom orders for the time being (or until I sell off all my supplies).
Below are just some of previous items, or you can also find photos of all my past items on my Facebook Fan Page.

                                     here                                              here

                        here                                      here                             here

                     here                                      here                             here

                          here                                      here                             here

I can still keep all my photography up for sale, as they are easily stored, easily relisted and are most definitely coming with me!
I still have my Little Boo Painting (SOLD), my Purple Zombie Bunny(SOLD) and some Hand Sewn Accessories (SOLD) for sale also.

So thank you to everyone for buying from KimDot and for giving all my creations new homes. I really appreciate all your support and encouragement and I cannot wait to be able to create more items for the shop when I can.

Love you all!

Aoife x