28 May 2010

My journals ...

.... are bursting with ideas that haven't materialized yet. Poor little things must feel so useless. Not to worry, the approaching summer is my time set aside for all my creative projects and this blog is my initiative to complete them.

But right now I want to introduce you to just a couple of my old art works:

This was a painting of my dear friend Ken. He did a photo shoot with me for my second year project and I ended up painting one of the pictures. It's still not finished though. It's one of those paintings that I could stay painting for years and it would never feel finished. I used oil paint and spray paint on Indian ink.

This painting was also inspired by my second year photography. The graffiti from my friend Timmy. He's a very talented graff writer and was kind enough to let me include some of his piece in the painting seeing as it was in the background of my photo. Again, the painting is oil paint and spray paint on Indian ink.

These were the only two paintings I had at hand. But enough about my old stuff ... it's now time for bright, new, shiny projects!

Bye for now! Aoife x